Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Years Resolution

This morning I finally made my New Years Resolution! My 2008 New Years Resolution is…(drum roll please)….to buy and wear more striped (or otherwise enjoyable) socks.

Yes, I believe that I may be able to accomplish this in the upcoming year.

As I got dressed this morning, I found myself searching through my sock drawer, then the clean clothes pile, then the dirty clothes pile…for my favorite pair of socks. They’re primarily brown, but striped with pink, white, and blue stripes (sounds freakier than they actually are). Oh, for the record, I wasn’t going to wear them out of the dirty clothes bin, I was just going to prioritize my wash loads so that I could have them once they were clean. Anyway – as I searched for my favorite socks, I bypassed several other pairs, some argyles, some flowery ones, but then it dawned on me – all this trouble for my favorite socks, I should just get more socks that I really like.

That’s when the idea became my 2008 New Years Resolution (for the record, I am still within the 2 week window for resolution setting).

When I finally found my socks (after the 2nd pass through the clean clothes pile), I noticed that they were “thinning” as I put them on. This was a reminder that these socks had been worn far more than the two others that I bought at the same time. It was also a reminder of their finite life span.

Later this afternoon, I noticed an odd sensation near the toe of my right foot – a coolness, if you will. I intuitively knew what this sensation was, but I pushed off my croc to confirm. To my chagrin, two of my toes peeked out from a small opening at the tip of my beloved socks. I contemplated sewing it, then I went out for a pedicure.

I know it's not profound, but it is do-able. I’ll let you know how this works out for me.


MOM said...

No New Years resolution for me this year. I don't keep them anyway!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

denise got me a few fun pairs from target for Christmas...might want to check it out! i'm always drawn toward the argyle ones myself :-)

Audra said...

Good resolution! I set none - but I will share that Matt only wears argyle socks - I love that I am talking about him on your blog and I love that he wears argyle socks:)