Thursday, February 07, 2008


On Wednesday I was facilitating a team-building session at work for Audra's department. As I was discussing "self-awareness", I told an anecdotal story about how I learned that I could be competitive through an exercise where my group was split into two teams and we were tasked with building the tallest structure. I personally ensured that my team would win by securing the top of our structure to the ceiling (then I clipped a "team flag" on the structure that said #1. - was that wrong?). I seriously surprised myself by how badly I wanted to win. Once we were finished, I almost became obsessed with ensuring that the other team didn't copy our idea to go to the ceiling. I even suggested turning the timer ahead to give them less time (cheater!!).

Anyway, as I mentioned to the group that I never considered myself to be competitive, Audra (loudly) choked on her iced coffee. Later, when I asked her about it, she explained that perfectionism goes hand-in-hand with competitiveness. I disagreed; I think perfectionism is less about what others think and more about the standard that I hold myself to. But maybe I'm wrong?

Jerms is competitive, he likes playing games, making bets, etc. I don't. I don't enjoy that at all. However, maybe I'm so absolutely competitive that I don't like to participate in competition unless I am sure of victory? (That would be a horrific realization).

What a quandry!

Since many of the people who read this blog know me, I was wondering if you perceive me as a competitive person?


Kristy & John said...

No, I just think you are really hard on yourself!!!

Let go!! You are perfect the way you are :-)

I'm one to talk...

MOM said...

Very.....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Audra said...

I think they go hand in hand b/c you want to do a perfect job. So if you are in a situation where you have to achieve a goal you want to do it perfectly, and that makes the competition stronger b/c you look at the people next to you, wonder if their version is "perfect" and then you want to do yours more "perfect"