Friday, February 01, 2008

Day 3: Grand Canyon...Lesson II

Our Creator is amazing!
(and my new camera rocks)
Jerms has become a camera snob. While I still think that my Powershot has tremendous value and worth, Jerms almost refuses to acknowledge it as a viable source for photographs. To prove his point, he shot this scene with my Nikon (posted above) and I shot it with my Canon (deleted). Once again, I am shamed by my own ignorance.

I was mad at Jermaine because he was too far away, you should have seen me trying to shoosh him over to where that other lady was standing. We were a sight. Let's just say that people could probably tell that we weren't on our honeymoon.

...never see pics of the Grand Canyon covered with snow, do ya?

(that little green thing in the center of the photo is the Colorado River)
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MOM said...

Jermaine looks awfully small.

T5M said...

That's what she said!

LOL!! I couldn't resist! I'm sorry! That was uncalled for!