Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get Used to it Sistah...

On her way to take newborn pictures of Beckett, Audra stopped by to snap some shots of Amelle (and to kick my children's butts in Uno, using my hand - sweet!). Amelle is a pretty easy subject, she's got naturally agreeable features (unlike her mother) and a compliant disposition (will do anything for ice cream).
As we dressed her and tossed her hair around, Audra told her to "get used to it" because she'll be the part of the photography experimentation until she's 18. These are my "over the shoulder" shots from Saturday (yes, I could've done something with her hair, but give me a break - this was short notice!).

Audra: "give me some attitude"

Eat your heart out Gap (the shirt is Ralph Lauren and the scarf is Walmart - if the marketing people for those two places want to pick her up - wait a second, doesn't Walmart just put the kids of the people who work there in their ads? ...hmmmm...I might be insulted if random people started stopping me to say, "your kids should be Walmart models"!)

Amelle being a kid (one of my favorite shots)

...and Audra says that my kids don't have "attitude"....I say try living with them! Then you'll see attitude!


MaineMomKC5 said...

Your kids definitely have 'tude. Especially that short, gimpy one!

MOM said...

She is such an easy subject to photograph. She is just a lucky, little girl who has "it"!