Thursday, February 07, 2008

Parenting: Wimps Need Not Apply

The topic of parenting has been on my mind lately. This might have something to do with my journey through Chuck Swindoll's series on parenting (the Lord knew what He was doing when He gave me an hour commute). Anyway, I was encouraged last week to hear him say "God has more wayward children than anyone, and He's the perfect Father!". I love that my faith allows me to be blameless for "the outcome of my children". A mother of grown children once told me that she doesn't take credit for her children's successes and she won't take blame for their failures. I think that's good advice. Ultimately, they belong to God, we just have temporary custody. That's not to say that we don't sometimes influence outcomes, I believe that we do. But God is bigger than anything that we do, and He wields the most influence on how our kids "turn out".

A while ago I read this prayer from another blog. I don't know this woman, but apparently she is a little like me (check the url address) ...and someone wrote this prayer for her. I wanted to put it someplace that I could read it every once in a while...

Raising children is so difficult…and we don’t have a clue what we are doing…but you are the Perfect Parent to us AND our children…Father, as this mom has confessed that her perfectionism is even extending now to her child, I beseech you Father to come in like a flood and give her Your Spirit in the place of her wrong attitudes….correct her thinking and heart with your a change in her that only you can do…we can’t change our hearts Lord, but you can…Father everytime she starts to compare her life to others or her child to others I pray she remembers that you created each of us uniquely and for a purpose in your kingdom…and we are not to be the same cookie cutter people…comparing ourselves to others is an awful snare Father……release her from it! Thank you Father.

I pray her deepest desire is to raise her child to love You first and foremost and that he/she would love others as him/herself…I ask Father that mom and child both absolutely and fully delight in the label “a child of the living God”…that it really sinks into her child’s heart how special he/she is to you….always….and to his/her mom too.

Thank you Lord that we can come boldly to you and ask anything according to Your will….
and I think that I have prayed things you do will…
In Jesus’ precious name


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i was looking at your blog earlier and my co-worker looked over my shoulder and said "what a beautiful picture!". it really is.
emily posts some great stuff.
glad to hear that God's using your commute as well...we're blessed with technology to make use of that what would be wasted time!

MOM said...

What a beautiful picture to go along with this post.