Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shameless Endorsement

I know that my brother has had his ups and downs with blogs and websites, however, I think this new one is here to stay (at least until baseball season). About a month ago (I think), the dynamic duo decided to merge their independant blogs and websites into one master blog, which they both update. I have been reluctant to point this out to anyone in fear that this one, like so many others, would start out strong, but then fade away.

However, they have proven that teams outperform their individual members and thus, the blog has been strong, with special attention from Shaun via the "twitter/iphone" combo. Their most recent post brought me to tears (more the "comments" than the post), and I thought to myself, "now is the time". So if you haven't already meandered over to the right and clicked on "Shaun and Wendy", check 'em out.

Now, how do I get Kristy, Nicky, and Pam to update theirs more often? Hmmmmmm.... (I'm nosey, People! I need to know what's going on!) ...and Audra, she's a powerblogger - 5 days with nothing and then 5 posts in one day. Love you all, one day I vow to host a "Blogger Reunion", where we'll all get together IN PERSON! Yay us!


The Gawel's said...

Sorry Erin--With Micro and A & P II, they are kicking my butt! I really should have only taken 1 science at a time--oh well. And of course I am sick yet once again. Working at the Y with all those kids and germs. I am going to start wearing a mask with gloves! Pair the kids with my Microbiology class and now I see all the bacteria and microorganisms that are on everything--gross. People, please don't follow the 5 second rule-throw it out!

This should account for one blog! I will try to post pictures of my
3rd child, Xander. He is so sweet. Jen said I could see him again this summer, when I have no more sickness!

TheKeyRing said...

I did pretty well through January -- I think I posted almost every week. February got a little away from me. Plus, I'm not quite sure anyone reads my blog, so sometimes I don't take the time to post. I'll do better. The kids are actually doing so much right now -- should probably do an update post.

Kristy & John said...

My philosophy is "If you ain't got nothing worth while to anyone to write, don't bore us with nonsense"

This is my excuse!!!

TheKeyRing said...

You notice, however, that each of us has time make sure to read Erin's blog and to comment in defense of ourselves. Perhaps we should own up to the fact that if we are this interested in everyone else's blog, perhaps they would be interested in ours, too, if we just kept up with it. And Kristy, I would imagine you have a lot to say at this time, what with all the changes you are going through. I know the first couple of months are slow, but I'm sure you have meaningful thoughtful things to write about.

KC5 said...

Lets just I have tried all of the blogs and I like typepad the best.

TheKeyRing said...

You asked for it, Erin. I updated with stuff I had in reserve.

T5M said...

Yay! Everyone!!!

Nicky - yes, that was a blog, a good one too! How is the lasiks going? I remember Micro - it was horrific!

Jones - I blog about nonsense all the time (and you generally read it). I would read your nonsense too - just keep it short.

Yay Pam, I'm going over to check you out right after this!

Go BLOGGERS!!! (Hey, where's Nancy?) Audra is sick, she gets a pardon.

Kristy & John said...

What about my sickness EVERYDAY!!! I think that deserves a pardon...

To be honest, this early in pregnancy if I started blogging everyday my worrying and stressing about this pregnancy you all would get sick of me!!!

Couple more weeks and we will be in the 2nd trimester!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i'm here...sorry, i didn't see my name at the end of the blog so i didn't comment :-D

i agree about posting more frequently...even if it's mundane stuff. i've seen some blogs that do a "wordless wednesday"...even just one picture is nice...so those who log in don't see the same thing for weeks on end. just a thought.

T5M said...

Oh, I love that idea!! Yes, yes, yes!! One picture a week just to let us know that you are still alive!!

Love it!