Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Blessed Day

Today we spent the day with one of Jermaine's co-workers and her amazing family. A while back Jerms had mentioned that Lavida's father-in-law had a sports training facility in Massachusetts, he mentioned that he was a Christian man and then he told me a story about how as a boy, he had been given some advice: wake up at 4am every morning and run 7 miles. He followed this advice and became really good at football, even playing for the New England Patriots back in the 60s. At the camp, all the campers are also required to engage in this exercise.

Last week Jerms mentioned that Lavida's family holds a "Cross Ceremony" the day before Easter, and she invited us to come. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we went. It was an amazing day. The Burton family is so special, just steeped with grace and humility. They are clearly tight knit and there is an air of reverence not only for the Lord, but for their father, who passed away a few years ago. So many smiles and so much warmth. I noticed a sign hung up in the game room, "God first, Others second" - this was evident today.
Before we ventured out on the cross walk, we each wrote some of our struggles on a card and sealed them in an envelope. We then walked a half mile with the heavy cross, people took turns lugging it while remembering that our Savior did this after a brutal flogging. Up hill, down hill, through the mud, over the snow. Once we reached the top of the hill, each person was given the opportunity to nail their envelope to the cross, as a symbol of "giving it to the Lord" to work out for us.

Lavida and her husband Phil take their turn carrying the cross.

Avery nails our envelopes to the cross.

Easter egg hunt! Amaya, Luke, and Jasmine gather eggs in the maze of trees.

The big kid egg hunt! It was on!! Even Amelle was in it to win it! Actually, Avery ended up getting the coveted "golden egg" - this was really special because it contained $20!

It was a great day on so many levels. Looking forward to celebrating our Savior's resurrection tomorrow! Feeling blessed...

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MOM said...

What a great story. Also, the day must have been very special for you and the family. Have a great Easter. Wish we were thee to share it with the entire family.