Sunday, March 02, 2008

CHILLIN at the Beach

The sun made it seem deceivingly warmer than it probably was, but nonetheless, it inspired me to toss out the idea to go down to the beach for some "fresh air". When we announced to the kids that we were going to take a quick ride over to the beach they were thrilled, Amelle asked if she could pack her bathingsuit (I said no).
Here are the Moore children at Seapoint Beach (one of Jerms' favorite fishing spots).
Avery finds me a heart rock:

Amelle tests out the water-proofness (is that a word?) of her Croc boots. (can you imagine how cold that water is?
Amaya snuggles with her dad


KC5 said...

LOL is Jermaine visualizing the fish that will be back at Seapoint in a few short months?

T5M said...

You know it!

Dreamhouse alert: 11 o'clock (over Jerm's shoulder)

In our dreams, we'd have a house that's close enough to the ocean that he could fish from the livingroom.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

funny, i was just thinking that those houses in the background are amazing!
looks like a fun day :-)

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

saw your i was writing it i was thinking about you guys as well. the other day i was getting all nostaligic thinking about our sunday afternoons just chillin' at your house, sitting on the porch, grilling, getting water ice, etc...i really do miss that!

MOM said...

Fishing from your living room sounds like a dream come true until a storm at high tide. Don't want to burst your bubble, but, a few feet away from the beach would be just as heavenly with a lot less water on the ground floor!

Nothing like some fresh air after being stuck in the house all winter. I could almost taste the salt air. Longing to be there with you!

MaineMomKC5 said...

I'm surprised that Amelle has so many clothes on. Usually in the winter she wears capris and short-sleeved shirts!