Saturday, March 08, 2008

What Does Your Google Say About You?

If you look at your "google log" (the things that you've googled), what does it say about you?

I've got some crazy stuff on there. I guess that means I'm crazy?

No seriously, I've got a little bit of everything, from "Save Darfur" and searches for organizations in Maine to help African refugees, to adoption, snid-bits of scripture that I wanted to locate in the bible, brain tumor symptoms, volunteerism policies, new FMLA regulations, Disney vacations, various Christian ministries, kyoto agreement, Valentino Achak Deng, night terrors, treadmill reviews, worlds largest snowman, Barack Obama, writing a book proposal, and numerous words that I've looked up the meaning and/or spelling of.

Some of it is natural curiosity, some of it is genuinely work related, and the rest is me just searching. I had to question if I'm searching for contentment in places other than in Jesus. Maybe I'm looking to deeply into this, I don't know, I have to think about it some more.

What does your google say about you?


K-Sea said...

Here are my last 5 google searches:
3/9 9:34 am- searched "Mac Mail HTML"
3/8 1:17 pm- searched "John McCain"
3/8 1:15 pm- Searched "print visa gift cards"
3/8 12:00pm-searched "haddock on big green egg"
3/8 10:34 am- searched "how many ounces in a pound" That ones embarrassing-I was pretty sure but needed to check :-)

Kristy & John said...

Don't click on that comment above, I just got tagged with 2 of those on my Stampin' Website
I think it may be a virus. I am tempted to put on the comment guard on my blog...

K-Sea said...

Erin, You are going to have to tighten up the posting rules. Kristy is right about the comment guard. It will require posters to put a code in before they post (like on my site). dumuro is nothing more than an auto spammer looking for blogs with low posting rules.

Jermaine said...

I literally have hundreds of search strings in my Google history.

Here is a partial list for the last month:

recruiting research lists
alicia keyes I need you lyrics
foxes book of martyrs download
wretched man that I am who will deliver me
typing tutor
calvary chapel
chuck missler
the brown hornet
indigestion symptoms
marine handheld GPS
peen z reels
van staal 250 reels
muscle twitch eye
shimano sustain 8000 for surf
Ron Arra surf rods
albert knie fishing
ion implanters
reading the beach
fish control my brain
seth beardsley human resource
1099 vs. w2
fly eagles fly lyrics
knowing god
creation vs. evolution
fred hammond lyrics
50 pound striper
AW Tozer pursuit of God
Numbers 18:20
1 corinthians 2
anatomy of a river

The list goes on and on. Google is probably my most visited site. I guess you could deduce that I am a fishin' christian (that sounds like a tv show on the PAX network).

The sad part about this list is that it is from my work computer.

K-Sea said...

Jermaine- I saw that your searched a 50 pound Striper. I was curious if the results came back with a bunch of skinny go go dancers.

T5M said...

...or is that what popped up when you searched "Seth Beardsley Human Resource"

Love that!

T5M said...

By the way, Jerms, I bought you Fox's Book of Martyrs two years ago - it's on your bookshelf - you don't need the download!

Jermaine said...

Yes, but I need to read it during lunch at work.