Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 3: The Magic Kingdom

If the American dollar wasn't worth poop right now, we may've had the place to ourselves. HOWEVER, the UK was "in the house" - big time! The crowds were outrageous. All those years of going to Disney right before Christmas has me spoiled, I declare: "Never again will I go to Disney during a peak time!"

Here are the happy campers at the gate. The kids were a little peeved because we walked to the entrance instead of taking the tram. Maya takes a good look at Mickey to make sure he's inanimate. The girls are not so fond of the animate characters.

The one ride that Maya insisted upon, "I want to ride on the elephants!"

The kids: Avery, Amaya, Amelle, and Pablo. (Pablo played an integral part in our vacation - he kept Maya content - she literally held him for 3 days straight and even nursed him by pinching some skin on her chest together).

Here's the source of the comment, "When can we leave?" I think we might have the only kids on earth who can't wait to leave Disney World. They pulled this number a few years ago because they wanted to go to grandma's house. This year it was to go back to the hotel and swim in the pool. Dirt and I are convinced that our kids cannot be impressed. Oiy! Where did we go wrong?!!?

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