Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 2: We must be Crazy

Thursday morning we woke up and immediately amended our plan to go to SeaWorld and ventured off to Universal. At the gate they were offering a ticket upgrate for Islands of Adventure and the regular Universal, we we went for it. 2 theme parks in 1 day. Oiy!

It worked out well, Dirt and I had never been to the regular Universal, so that was something new for us. Funny, cause we were looking for the "Back to the Future Ride" - I think that must have been the big ride back when we were growing up. Needless to say, Universal has moved on (though perhaps we haven't).

Avery measures up to see if he can get on "The Hulk" rollercoaster. It seems like just yesterday that we were stuffing napkins in his shoe to get him on "The Spiderman" ride. As you can see, he was tall enough at the gate, but when he got measured at the ride, he was turned away. Trying to manage our son's disappointment, we reverted back to the old napkins in the shoe trick and he was able to get on when he tried again. Although Jerms and I felt bad about teaching our son how to "work the system", we take great consolation in this photo (taken with no napkin lifts) AND the fact that after 3 days of non-stop amusement parks, "The Hulk" was his favorite memory.

Here is Maya's favorite ride.

Amelle has her first riding adventure on the Jurassic Park ride. As you head over the last peak a camera snaps a picture of all the riders; Amelle had a look a sheer terror that could never be duplicated. We had no choice but to plunk down $20 for the picture.

Worth the price of admission.
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