Saturday, April 19, 2008

Loose Ends

I'm probably a bit remiss on my updates. Sorry about that. I'll try to catch you up on a few things now.
  • I told you all that I joined WW last Fall. The status: I lost 10 pounds by Thanksgiving and gained it back by March.
  • I told you that I submitted my first children's novel to a publisher in December. The status: I checked the mailbox every single day (even the days immediately after mailing it, as if I would get a response before the publisher even got my query and sample chapters). Approximately 6 weeks later (on schedule) I received my SASE back (I held my breath and opened it while I was still in the driveway). The verdict: A stinkin' form letter, "please send us a formal proposal for your book idea". Oiy. This is a lot of work. Work that I am unfamiliar with doing. I still plan to do this, I just haven't prioritized it. I toy with the idea of just self-publishing the darn thing, so that I can give one copy to the sole intended audience: Avery (while he's still in the target age to read it). That just feels like failure (which I'm not keen on). But truthfully, the book needs an editor, which a real publisher would provide. Don't worry, I don't intend to quit my day job. I'll keep you posted. *
  • I told you that I wanted to take a watercolor painting class over the winter. The status: I didn't. I am (newly) enrolled in yoga, which I can't figure out. I am also trying to learn more about photography (Audra has asked me to help her shoot a wedding in June). Yikes. That's all the extra-curricular activity I can manage.
  • I told you that I got promoted late last summer. The status: The same. Work is nuts. However, I am trying to keep things in perspective. I've started WFH once per week which has helped with the W/L balance. I am going to apply at a local community college to teach a course in the fall. *
  • I don't think I told you, but some of you have found out that last Spring I decided to stop eating meat. I just hit my 1 year anniversary. I don't think I'm going back.

I think those are the outstanding items. Let me know if there is anything I've missed. Hmmm...This post was all about me, wasn't it? Oh, the asterisks, those represent "life goals". Does anyone else have those, or am I just weird? These are the things that are on the list to do before you die (if at all possible)? If you have any, please share them via comments - I would like to hear about yours!


MOM said...

Before I die, I would like to see my children turn 60 years old. Of course, I'll be in my eighties and probably won't remember them! I would like to see all of my grandchildren grown. Better hurry up Beckett!

Before I die, I would like to see a peaceful world. As far as my accomplishments, I'm happy where I am.

After I die, I would like to see how my children are spending my money! I project that Shaun will have all kinds of new gadgets and Erin will give the money to her favorite charity. You see, she won't need it from all of her book royalties. Better get moving on that proposal, Erin!

MaineMomKC5 said...

I just try to get through the day right now. If I can get laundry done and put away, I'm doing great!

I also have loose ends, but that is just from this stinkin' raw diet!