Friday, May 23, 2008

Are We Hillbillies?

We take our 2 year old on a helmet-less ATV rides (and let her drive),

We don't always comb our kids' hair

(what the hair doesn't say, the t-shirt does)

And our eldest daughter rides the ATV through the tall grass with cowboy boots and capris

...not to mention that I affectionately call my husband "Dirt", he drives a pick-up and comes home smelling like bait 3 days a week.
Just checkin'...
Photo added for Shaun:


Wendy said...

I really never thought of you guys as "hillbillies" until last summer when I noticed Jermaine's underwear doubles as his bathing suit.

T5M said...

...I love when it gets wet...all see through and stuff...'cept the part thats stained.

K-Sea said...

Is Dirt's John Deere busted or are you growing out the lawn to make up for Amelle's haircut?

MOM said...

No, you are not "hillbillies", just "Main-i-acs"