Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Dirt and I have a problem. I don’t know what the official title of the problem is, but perhaps if I describe the symptoms, you’ll be able to diagnose it. It might just be plain old retardation, if that’s the case, you don’t have to use the PC term for it, just tell us that we’re being retarded.

When we moved into our home approximately 2 years ago we began searching for two leather chairs for our mudroom. After about 9 months of sitting and searching, we finally found a chair that we liked. The problem: the standard color the chair came in (a sort of reddish brown) did not meet our needs (a sort of brownish black). The good news was that we could order the chair in a blackish color; the bad news was that it would take up to 16 weeks for delivery.

Let me repeat that: Sixteen weeks. At this point I pulled my fingers out of my pocket, started on the calculations, and deduced that we wouldn’t have the chairs until August 2007! We both agreed that the time lapse between ordering and delivery was far too great. We questioned the sales rep about the accuracy of his estimation and he answered with a fancy explanation about the leather coming from Italy…blah blah blah.

Then I figured I could outsmart the system. I cleverly asked for the brand name and model number so that I could conduct my own internet search for them. My plan was to place my order and have my chairs delivered within weeks (muahahahaha!). The salesman gladly gave me the information and we were off (I might have exclaimed, "Suckers!" as we peeled out of the parking lot).

When I arrived home I didn’t waste any time in googling the chairs. However, much to my chagrin, they were no where to be found. Blasted!

Plan B. We would forget about those chairs and continue our search for another suitable leather chair, surely we’d find something within a few weeks.

Since that time, we have stopped in and re-evaluated those same reddish brown leather chairs at least five times (approximately every four month). We love them every time. And each visit I remind Dirt that if we had ordered them during our previous visit, we’d have them sitting in our mudroom by now. We agree on this fact, yet for some reason, we can’t bring ourselves to order the chairs. It hurts.

At one point we rationalized that the chairs were probably a hair too large for our mudroom, so recently, I specked them out on paper (see above). They fit. There is no more rationalization to be done. We just need to call and place the darn order. But we can’t.

This is why there is something wrong with us. It has already been two weeks since I set these paper chairs on the mudroom floor, if I had ordered the day I realized they would fit, we’d only have 12 weeks left. Ouch.

Somebody help us!


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

and seth thought i was bad picking out knobs for our cabinets :-)

MaineMomKC5 said...

You are both mentally challenged.

MOM said...

Forget it, buy cushions....that way, if you fall on your heads, you can't blame your concussions on the chairs! Wait a minute, you both have concussions already and you don't have the chairs!

barbarakuhn said...

I'm confused (what else is new). Did you say August 2007? That would mean you've had the chairs for 9 months already.

Audra said...

give me your credit card I am going to order the chairs for you!

T5M said...

...yes August 2007 was the original date that we would've gotten them if we had ordered them when we first saw them. We decided that we couldn't wait until August 2007.

If we ordered them today, we wouldn't get them until Sept 2008.

...which we won't because something is wrong with us.