Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun at Seapoint

One of the advantages of not having any friends is the absence of invites to obligatory Memorial day cookouts. Since Dirt's "word" literally hinged on whether or not he took the kids fishing this weekend (Dirt had promised to take them last weekend), we headed off to Seapoint Beach in search of a 40lb Striper (or not).

I'm a bad mother, but my children aren't old enough to understand how bad I am. I received much joy from putting these photos together, (probably similar to the joy that the people who photoshop for Star magazine get when they put Jennifer Aniston's head on a body with lots of cellulite). Anyway, before anyone calls DSS on me, Amelle didn't actually lick her fingers right after handling the fish guts (that would've been unsanitary). There was some hand sanitizer and some Cheetos involved between the last two photos. She did, however, sniff her fingers after handling the fish guts, which I also found mildly amusing.

Work it, girl

Avery gets hooked on fishing

Dirt shows 'em how it's done.

Before our friends get offended, I was just kidding about not having any - we do have friends, we just told them all that we were going away for the holiday weekend... I'm kidding! ...see you guys don't know when I'm serious or when I'm kidding. Now you're all mixed up and you don't know what the truth is. This isn't even my family! Yes it is (except for the little one).
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K-Sea said...

other than the bait where are the pictures of the fish?

Wendy said...

I like how you say
'friend' and not 'friends.'

Wendy said...

BTW, I really love Amelle's hair!

The Gawel's said...

Her hair really does look great! Ashlyn's day is coming soon. I will miss the long hair, but not the fights in the morning when it comes time to brush it!

Tell Amelle she looks like a teenager with the new hair do and sunglasses!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

SO sorry about that link! how ridiculous! i usually try to put a link to the song that i use at the subject...those pics weren't there when i set up the link! stinkin' evil...lurkin' around every corner!

T5M said...

...Just to fill everyone in on what Nancy is talking about, on her blog she has this really, really, really cool sermon (if you watch it, it does take about 6 minutes to get to the really awesome part), but anyway...I watched it last night with my son. I thought it was so cool that I wanted to send the link to my pastor. When I clicked on the title of the blog (which in true Nancy fashion, was actually the title of a song), Nancy linked the blog title to the song, but low and behold, what we saw was not very Christian at all - pictures of a bunch of lesbians making out...all to the innocent tune of "Holy God, I Stand in Awe of You". Yikes! :-)

...made for some quick reflexes on my part in turning my computer away from my son.