Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day?

Is that an oxymoron? Aren't we suppose to be a just little forelorn today because we're remembering those who have passed on before us?

Just be glad this isn't your family tree. Ah...I gotta go get my cholesterol checked now.

A little late for the prayer, don'tcha think?
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Wendy said...

One question....where is the DeCunto family picture???

K-Sea said...

Plenty of room for everyone in that super-sized plot that Dad was always so proud of. It was like he owned a piece of property on Martha's Vineyard when he actually owned a plot for 6 at a graveyard in Lawrence. Now that lovely piece of Merrimac Valley Real Estate is all mine...muuuuuhahhhahhhahhah

T5M said...

We searched for the DeCunto family stone for you (which was the whole reason I had my camera with me to begin with). No luck. Let's go back at midnight with a flashlight and see if we can find it.

The most priceless moment (for me) today was when Amelle found out that grandpa's body was actually buried under the stone. 2 of the 5 kids wanted to unbury it.

MOM said...

Remember how Mina was sooo afraid of Dad. This is as close as she has ever gotten to him!

Wendy, I think that you and Erin made up the DeCunto family name just so you could say the word!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Dear Mom,

Made you say it! Nah nah nah nah nah.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

took me a second to do the math...yikes!