Thursday, May 08, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

...More like "take me out of my misery". No, I know, that's not right. It's not the watching 8 - 10 year olds play baseball for 2+ hours that I find painstaking, it's the bugs, really it is. But why so many innings, I just have to ask.
Anyway, I borrowed Shaun's lens to see if I could get a close up of Avery. I am unhappy with these shots, but I figured that I would publicly post my failure instead of keeping it all to myself. See how incredibly selfless I am?

3rd base, not bad considering that the "base positions" usually go to the coaches kids (this particular team has 5 coaches, Dirt not being one of them)

..first in the batting order.

Favorite play of the game: Avery gets a double, then steals third after the 2nd baseman fumbles the ball, then he steals home (yes, somebody does need to teach this child how to slide). I start cheering "Good job Avery, way to go!", then the coach makes him go back to 3rd because the rule is that you can only steal one base when there is a fumble. I suck at cheering. It seems like every time I cheer, the play gets recalled or there is a foul involved. I'm working against the system, even though I don't mean to be. Last year Shaun scolded me for cheering when Avery stole the ball from another player during basketball (cause the kid who he stole the ball from has feelings too). Clearly I should just keep my mouth shut at all children's sporting events and let my "Go Avery" t-shirts do the talking for me.

Editor's note: For the record, I do know that fumble is generally a football term, but I wasn't sure what it's called in baseball.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i think "error" is the word you were looking for...i asked seth last night.
i've always been amazed at avery's ability when it comes to sports! i remember pitching and throwing to him in your old backyard. he had amazing coordination at such a young age!

MOM said...

It's twice as bad when you and Sylvia get together at one of Avery's games. Talk about sportsmenship? There is only ONE child on that basketball court.

The bugs will always be there even when you go and watch your grandchildren. I found that out the other day. I really thought that after 20 years, the bugs would have disappeared!