Sunday, June 01, 2008

2 weeks til Summer!

I'm not sure what the "official" start of summer is, some say it's Memorial Day, others say it's June 21st, Dirt probably thinks it's whenever the first Striped Bass enters Maine waters...but for me, I think I've decided that summer begins when school ends.

Sunday evenings are usually for "getting ready" for the upcoming week. Generally this includes making sure the laundry is folded and the kids' clothing is layed out for the next five days, going through backpacks, getting caught up on assignments, and looking at the previous week's schoolwork.

Tonight, not so much. We played.

The fishing thing sort of works for us as a family. I can sit and relax by the ocean, the kids can play in the sand, explore the rocks, search for crabs, collect shells, mess around in the tide, ride bikes, dig, play catch, etc...etc...etc... let's just say that there is enough to do to keep them busy, and Dirt, of course, can plop his poles into the ocean and hope for a nibble.

That thing in the distance is #1. He's "exploring the rocks". Our general rule for #1 and #2 is that they can do whatever they want as long as they are within sight. Our general rule for #3 is that she can do anything she wants as long as it doesn't cause crying or death.

Here's the diva, she was having a rock throwing contest with herself. She enjoyed this very much because every time she threw a rock into the ocean, she would look at Dirt and I and proclaim, "I won". I didn't want to split hairs, but technically it was really a tie, because I was winning as well (because she quiet and happy). Shhh..don't tell her.

Yes, if you must know, she was still in her pajamas. I never got around to dressing her today. That's terrible, isn't it?

This one dresses himself, which is probably the reason he's not in his pjs. He was skipping rocks with Dirt which seemed to be big fun for them. Amelle took a crack at it as well, but I don't think she inherited the skip rock gene, her rocks seems to "plop".

Dirt thinks I should "put the camera down and enjoy myself". I'll do that when he puts his fishing rods down and enjoys himself. :-)
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MOM said...

Summer evenings are the best, even if it isn't summer!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Well, I think he enjoys fishing and you enjoy camera-ing.

Audra said...

nice stuff Erin!
I love the thanks for swinging by image in your blog sidebar:)

T5M said...

Thanks. I think its so funny that Jerms thinks I need to put my camera down to relax and enjoy myself. ...and I can't even begin to fathom one fun thing about fishing, it's really the worst... from the bait to the disappointment of not catching anything. At least my hobby has a purpose.

Good times, we literally hugged and told each other how happy we were to live in Maine, I didn't want to admit it in the post cause it sounds so corny, but it really happened. Tee hee.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

your last comment cracked me up! you mean you didn't all hug in your backyard in glenside and say "we're so happy we live in a suburb of philadelphia!"? :-)
seeing the pictures of fort foster makes me look forward to our visit even more!

T5M said...

You really should just move here, then you can go to Fort Foster any time you want! :-) ...I'm always workin' it, huh?