Friday, June 27, 2008

Allies by Night

For the past several months we've been trying to figure out a solution to having Amaya come into our bed. At first we pawned her off on her big sister (and pseudo mother) Amelle. They squeezed into Amelle's twin bed while Amaya's toddler bed remained pristine and untouched.

Amelle was a good sport about this arrangement for a few weeks and Dirt and I managed to get some real rest (without having a toddler laying horizontally across us forming a perfect Figure H). But soon this became old and Amelle protested (rightly so) for her own space again.

This is when I had my "ah ha moment". The trundle bed! I put up the trundle bed and pushed it close to Amelle's bed to make it like a King-sized bed. Then Amaya could still be next to her sister, but not "in her space".

It worked! well that Avery even decided that he wanted "in" (see above). It's funny that the kids love to sleep together. I can't figure out why, since during daylight hours they can't seem to get along for more than 30 seconds at a time. Somehow though, when night falls, they become allies.

I have since ordered the girls new (matching) beds (two twins that convert to a bunk bed), as this current arrangement strikes me as being very "makeshift". Never mind the zillion mini-blankets and 47 webkinz that are in the mix as well. It's mayhem up in there.

If you know of anyone who is in need of a girls twin bed, let me know!

6/28 Edit: Looks like Dirt joined in on the action. Last one in is rotten egg. I guess Avery is out of luck tonight:


MOM said...

That camera is working non-stop even at night.

Marina said...

very nice shes a heavy sleeper