Saturday, June 14, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

Last week something reminded me of "singing telegrams". (Because of my age) I can't be 100% sure, but I think it may've been a commercial that got me pondering them. Whatever it was, I was thinking what a great concept singing telegrams are and wondering why people never send them anymore. They're much better than sending a card and way more personal than sending flowers. They're ingenious right?

Like many of my thoughts, I twittered something to the effect, "some day I hope to either send or receive a singing telegram". End of thought. End of tweet.

...or so I thought.

Today, on my 36th birthday, a florescent monkey-man with a highly effeminate voice and a very exuberant personality came into my home and sang "zipedee do da" and "happy birthday" to me and freaked me out, possibly forever. (Not to mention the hysteria of 6 kids screaming and running away from "it")

I'm really not one to have the spotlight in my direction, so you can imagine my humiliation when I was singled out by this crazy pink ape-man-thing. I now need to invest in one of those MIB memory-eraser pens so that I can carry on and live a normal life, free from the horrific memories.

Thanks KSeas...I owe you one. Oh, and you will get it...


MOM said...

What a great surprise! Why do I have a feeling that somebody by the name of Wendy had something to do with this!.....and Amelle told me this morning that he wanted to "smooch" with you!

MaineMomKC5 said...

It wasn't my idea at all - Shaun was the one who mentioned it to me, and of course I was on board. I loved seeing Erin squirm - it was brilliant!!

He wanted to kiss Erin so bad, and I think, I really think, she wanted to kiss him as well. But Jermaine was right there, and she didn't want him to get jealous.

T5M said...

...this morning while I was half asleep Dirt flicked on "Backyardigans" for Amaya. Sure enough, I heard:

"A singing telegram
I'll sing it really well
A singing telegram
From the folks who think your swell"

..Then Dirt said, "..this must be where you got that idea from"

Apparently so. We listen to the same tivo'd reruns of Dora and Backyardigans every morning while we try to squeeze in a few extra minutes of shut eye.