Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A birthday gift that ROCKS

Audra could barely contain herself yesterday during an IM conversation. She was wondering when I was going to be in Portland again, for my birthday gift had arrived!

This morning she appeared before me with a small brown package which she proudly proclaimed, had been wrapped "minimalist" (ie: the brown paper bag stuff). I loved it even before I opened it.

I carefully pulled up the three pieces of scotch tape and peeled back the stiff brown paper. Before I could squeal with excitement, Audra began squealing and giggling about how wonderful a gift it was (which is something I adore about Audra - her contagious excitement). ...and she was right, it was perfect!

A DVD of my camera manual!

Hall--e--lu--jah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Hallelujah, hall---eee--lu---jah! ..and then the gates of Heaven opened up...

...and then I pulled out my camera (which I do not always bring to work) and she began snapping pictures of random things in my office (so she could hear the snapping sound of the Nikon, which apparently she loves), while I checked out my new DVD.
I loved having a real photographer messing with my camera. I think I actually heard the camera whisper to her, "Finally, someone who knows what they're doing". I was a little annoyed by that, I thought my camera would have some allegiance to me, but whatever.

This is a professional photograph of my desk and camera lens cover (and my pen..and my very important papers...and my iced coffee - blasted Dirt - you caught me!)

This is my glorious gift! The DVD and the cheat sheet card that it comes with! Now Audra doesn't have to bug me about reading my manual! I'll just watch it!

This is our artistic expression of "this gift rocks". See the rock? Get it? Aren't we just so avant-garde!? I mean, we're nuts with it, aren't we? Like total artists...I mean arteests (that's the way true artists say it).

Then there was this: a self-portrait that I found on my camera of my beloved photographer friend and giver of great gifts. I wasn't paying much attention to her snapping away with my camera (I was too busy loving my DVD) - I do think I remember her saying "Woah - close!" ..I'm guessing that this must've been the picture she was referring to. Hee hee
Thanks Audra for a great gift!


K-Sea said...

That Audra is a real gem!

T5M said...

Don't these pictures look dark? I swear my camera shoots dark.

This is not good for me, given my family make-up.

I love that Audra tells me not to try "the impossible" (metering black and white people together in a picture) ..ah...kinda hard not to...

Audra said...

YAY you love your gift!! I am so excited! That was the picture of that I was referring to as too close!
I do not think your camera shoots dark, but I do think your kids are darker.
Til you get the metering nailed down have them wear colors that are darker, not white, and it will help.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i saw something on the pioneer woman's website about that. the woman was talking about how her camera shoots dark...she was using the meter, but it always came out dark. might want to look that up and read it.
neat gift!!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

here's the link i was referring to.

MOM said...

I think you are going crazy!