Monday, June 23, 2008

A Groovy Kind of Love

Of the seven, Avery & Mina have the tighest bond. I'm not sure if it's the closeness in age, or just chemistry, but they have been tight since diapers. We have tons of pictures of them holding hands, totally unprompted. At nine, the days of handholding may be over, but they express their special friendship in other ways - giggles, smiles, whispering..... This friendship was one of the inspirations for my book. Here they are as Pilot and Casey...

When they reached the waters edge Pilot held his arms triumphantly in the air and said, “Yeah, we made it!”. Casey giggled along as she set the tackle box down on the sandy shore and Rainbow ran into the water and splashed around. “Now it’s time to catch some fish!”, Pilot exclaimed.
Casey opened the tackle box and searched for her special lure. She looked through the top shelf of the tackle box, then the second shelf, and then the third shelf, “Where is the lure, Pilot?”, she called out.
“It should be in there” Pilot responded.
Casey checked each shelf of the box again. It would’ve been pretty easy to spot; it would’ve been the only thing in there that was pink and purple and glittery. “It’s not”, she said, looking disappointingly at Pilot.


MOM said...

Auntie Camera, you did a great job on those photos!

K-Sea said...

OK honest moment coming...for some reason this brought a tear to my eye. I absolutely love their relationship.
Great post!

Wendy said...

Love the post - why do their arms look funny in picture #3?

T5M said...

Picture #3:
I told them to walk slower. The funny thing is that they both started doing a "slow motion walk" at exactly the same time - the arms were part of the slow motion movement... looks rehearsed, but it wasn't at all!