Sunday, June 15, 2008

Holy Mackeral!

Dirt had a great father's day today. The day started out pretty typically...with a plan to do some fishing. He and Avery headed out for some mackeral (which Dirt uses as bait for his beloved strippers). What made this fishing excursion extraordinary, was that there was actually some catching going on today.

About 30 minutes after they left I got a call from Avery. "Mom, I caught like 15 fish, I'm catching them 2 and 3 at a time!"

Sounded like a Kodak moment to me.

I think this was the biggest catch of the day, it wasn't a mackeral, I can't remember the specific "brand of fish", really..aren't they all just fish?

The girls were disgusted and wanted no parts of touching the fishing rods, or the fish, or their dad (who was scaley, slimey, and smelled like fish). Lot's of "ewwww"-ing going on.

The spoils - about 200 fish!
(this kinda crushes the ipod sports kit I got him)

Happy Father's Day!
...and it's not done yet...still Tiger, perhaps a 2nd fishing excursion, TMH sirloin tips, and the Celtics!


K-Sea said...

This is Joelle using dads computer:

I caught 52 fish.....but 200 is a lot. Oh yeah Avery, you were a really good teacher, thanks for teaching me how to take a hook out of a fishes mouth. WE GOT DIRTY! Hope we can do it again!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

did they keep all the fish or throw them back?

T5M said...

They kept them for bait. These are the fish that Dirt normally buys for bait.

They are all frozen solid right now. Our freezer is packed to the gills (hee hee).

mainelife said...

sounds like a GREAT Father's Day....Where were they fishing...if you don't mind me asking (I PROMISE that I won't steal the spot--I'm against fishing for the reasons the girls are)?