Monday, July 07, 2008

The First Day of Summah

I am not sure what the temp is outside, but the temp on my refrigerator has been holding steady at 81 degrees all day. The windows have been open (since the first week in June), so let's call the outside temp 85 today (kitchen = shade, outside = sun). Summah has finally arrived in Maine.

Okay that was fun, now you can leave.

The sprinkler made a brief appearance this afternoon, which helped me earn some points with the kids, who expressed their dismay with my working from home today (apparently they like their babysitter more than me, which I am totally fine with).
Oh the joy! And no one seemed to notice that I was snapping pictures, which made me a happy. I was even trying my skills in manual mode (insert "you go girl" here).
Ariel is almost too cool for the sprinkler, but not yet. Yay! I'm trying to squeeze every last bit of kid out of her. Why does she have to be 14 1/2?
Amelle is not big on water in the eyes (but who is, really?). She did manage a cartwheel over the sprinkler which I was very proud of. I would've posted it, but decided not to in case she ever wants to date someone....ever. That photograph should not be in the hands of the public.
Soaking it all in. This picture literally makes me feel 3 degrees cooler, just by looking at it (apologies to you if you are reading from an air conditioned space and not an 81 degree kitchen).
So with this I graciously say "Welcome Summer in Maine". Ariel thinks that it took you a long time to get here since summer in PA started back in April. However, we like that you make a brief appearance in July and then leave in mid-August. We also like that 85 is hot in Maine (whereas 95 is warm in PA). Mainers start talking about how unbearable "this heat" is when we get to 85.
I guess 85 is the new 95. I like it.


K-Sea said...

These are the Good Times!

MaineMomKC5 said...

GREAT pictures! You are gettin' gooood.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

great shots!! manual...impressive :-) looks like a fun day.
funny how everything is relative. i heard from an old roommate that's in AZ. she said the news was talking about a "cool down"...105!!! craziness!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

just saw your comment on twitter...i'm with you, erin. it would be fun to go to the beach all day!

MOM said...

Summah is so short lived. Remember, once August comes, it won't be long before the first snowflake falls! Go outside and sweat your buns off. It's a long winter.

MOM said...

P.S. You really did write a lot to which I had not responded. I must be slipping!