Monday, July 28, 2008

My blog is boring me... I can only imagine how others must feel. I haven't updated since Friday, and that qualifies as being lame.

I have several mini-blogs floating around in my head (easy part), but none that I've actually sat down and written (hard part). Plus sometimes twitter messes with my blogging...I sometimes tweet a blog concept in 140 characters instead of blogging about it. Twitter is a blog-blocker.

Here's my last excuse: My computer is still busted. I guess we're waiting for Dirt to confirm it's death before we get something else. I have pictures on my camera that I would blog about (we just came back from adventures), but I promised my MIL that I would Photoshop the pictures I took of her - and if she sees them up here unphotoshoped, she might take her son back. And I kinda like her son, so...

Just one:
I wouldn't be me if I didn't at least try to push the envelope. Plus, she's really beautiful, and really beautiful people don't need to be photoshoped before they get blogged. Plus, beautiful people have it easy in life, so I need to show her some cruelty.

Oh, wait a second, I forgot that she's Dirt's mother; she's had enough cruelty. Just kidding.

This image has also not been photoshoped.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i was just looking at the picture thinking how beautiful sylvia is and then i read your comment :-)
i must be REALLY lame...i haven't posted since thursday. bloggers-block is contagious i guess.

Grandma said...

Sylvia is an inspiration to all grandmothers. She would win the award for best and most beautiful grandmother of the year!

T5M said...'re a beautiful grandmother too! ...your beauty is just on the "inside" - ha ha! I'm kidding! You're wonderful and my kids are lucky to have two of the bestest grandmoms in the world!

...they REALLY do!

MaineMom said...

*Yawn* I was so bored reading this....

If you don't update your blog everyday you are totally lame.

Is that a blog rule somewhere? If so, we are in BIG trouble.

Stop being so hard on yourself. EEK.