Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Darkroom

In case you were thinking that my blog was going to turn into technical photography talk, let me assure you that it's not. How am I so certain? 1) because I don't know how to talk technically about anything (I'm an anti-tech, or in layman's terms, "not a geek"), and 2) because I began journaling my photography adventure on another blog. Yes, I now have TWO blogs. Overachiever...I know...what can I say? ..No, not really, but my mom likes to think so (so don't wreck this for me).

Anyway, I know that a few of you are on a similar path, so if you want to tune in to what I'm learning about photography, or commiserate with me, or share some tips that you've learned, or make fun of my failed attempts, or whatever...my alternate blog can be found at http://www.t5m.vox.com/ (or to the right, it's the last one on my list of links, called "My Darkroom". It should probably be called My Dark Depression, but that's more than you need to know right now.

Let's just say that it isn't as easy as all those pros make it look. Audra came in to my office today and proclaimed that I didn't need the D80 after all, I could get what I wanted out of my D40, if I had better skills. (Dirt, take a deep breath and forget that you just read that).

Audra is my photography guru and she loves bossing me around and doling out homework assignments that give me panic attacks and then tearing apart my masterpieces under the guise of "being helpful". Call me a sadist, but I love this woman.


MOM said...

Love that Amaya is finally on the other end of the picture....wait, how could she be taking the picture and still be in it? Must be one of the tricks that Audra taught you!

Marina said...