Monday, July 21, 2008

Playa Hater

Last week when we were at the beach, Wendy couldn't keep her eyes off of this guy. She was totally hatin' on him. She hated everything about him: his height, his voice, how he played with his kid, that ridiculous shark, and the worst offense of all, those shorts. Oh how she hated those shorts. "Where'd he get those, the Limited Too?", she quipped.

And so, Wendy...this one's for you:

Now you can stare at them as often and as long as you want.

You can thank me later.


MaineMom said...

OK, I wasn't ALL hatin'. I just thought his body shape was ...odd and his voice was a little high pitched. I didn't mind his son (who was totally cute) nor the way he interacted with him. I didn't even mind the blow-up shark.

BUT....I did have a problem with his Limited Too shorts. Those crossed the line and were totally unacceptable.

He must be from Massachusetts....

K-Sea said...

mainemom-Perhaps this is the image you had in your head when you took your new profile picture?

Wendy said...

May I add I can tell you took that picture AFTER I left the beach which shows premeditation?

T5M said...

Yes you may.

Also, may I add that you just sent me an e-mail with a link to those swim trunks because you had to find them online...because, well...because you're you. And might I add one fact to really round out this post for everyone:
The price for those fancy swim trunks: $195. Yowzers!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

maybe wendy had to find them online so she could buy a pair for shaun? ;-) almost $200 for those?! that's a sin!

Wendy said...

No grown man should wear bathing shorts that show a jellyfish or other cutesy fish on them.

Click on the picture people! Pink and red jellyfish!! Purple flounders! All showcased around a teal blue backdrop with pretty bubbles and green flowers!

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!