Thursday, July 24, 2008

Something's missing...

leg hugs

sibling rivalry

subjects for my photography experiments


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

if looks could kill! wow...amaya's got that one down :-)
hope to see you on saturday!!!

T5M said...

Yeah, she's giving her grandmom a run for her money.

K-Sea said...

hopefully the had better weather in Philly than we had in Maine this week.

T5M said...

..depends on what you consider "better weather" - it's been in the 90s ...the kids are "hot".

Such New Englanders! One day it was 72 here and 92 there!

Yesterday they were at Sesame Place (a water park) in 80-something degree overcast while it was "snowing" here (okay it was hail, but when we looked outside of our conference room on the 8th floor, all we could see was "white" like when there's a blizzard).

Grandma said...

Will Amaya be welcomed back next year?