Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sound Bites

Conversation between Amelle & my mom:

Amelle: How old are you grandma?
Grandma: 60
Amelle: Wow, that's old! I bet you're about to die.
Grandma: huh?
Amelle: You could die any time now. You might die this weekend.
Grandma: well, if I die this weekend, I'd miss your half birthday on the 15th.
Amelle: Well, then you can die the day after.


Avery (while we were driving behind a construction truck with a sign on the back of it that said, "Construction vehicle, do not follow")

Avery: bad guys should use those trucks as their get-away cars.
Amaya during a storm:
Amaya: Did you lock the door so the thunder ("funder") won't come inside?


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

your kids crack me up! my mom had a similar conversation with susanna's little boy the other day. they have the same birthday...he was confused by that. he asked how old she was and then dead-pan said "you're gonna die". poor susanna practically choked on her dinner! gotta love 'em!

Grandma said...

Taking care of your children will but me in my grave before I'm ready! Not because they are difficult, but because they say the darnest things. My self-esteem is at zero!