Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This image made my morning...

Not only because it's funny and I love seeing pictures of my SIL, who is normally beautiful (which is why I hate her), looking like a total freak-a-zoid. But, because I love that she and Shaun take crazy pictures of each other for sport. I can totally see the scene: it's late and the boys are asleep and they're up switching the camera (or iphone) back and forth, each doing crazy poses and faces, all while giggling up a storm!

Shaun & Wendy:
Don't try to tell us that you were just testing out your new iphone, this is not a one time event, ie: Wendy's most recent lip-licking profile pic (that wasn't taken on self-timer), & how about the distorted big head pictures taken from your macbook(I think you guys actually had one of those hanging on your refrigerator!). Don't deny it, it is what it is.

Here's to a great marriage!

Love you guys!


Wendy said...

Oh boy...you on right on with your play by play. I'll clarify a bit..

I was upstairs getting ready for bed (boys were asleep as you correctly assumed) and decided to "tease" my hair. Shaun was downstairs on the computer. I had to suppress my giggles as I came down the stairs to show my groom my new coif.

Shaun's response was, "How did you get your hair like that? I love it!" He would've loved me in high school!

So we took a few pictures and voila! I end up on your blog for the world to see. I'm not ashamed, nor embarrassed.

As Popeye says, "I am what I am."

Plus, I'm too short to be serious...

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that's a riot!

K-Sea said...

Now THIS is the Wendy I married.

Grandma said...

Nothing like having a bad hair night!