Friday, July 25, 2008

Wit and Wisdom from t3m

While playing "I Spy":

Dirt: I spy something black

Amelle: Yourself?


Amaya and Dirt:

Dirt: What are you going to be when you grow up?

Amaya: A doctor. Or a clown.


Amaya while tying Dirts shoelaces together:

Me: Amaya, don't do that honey, if you tie daddy's shoelaces together, he'll trip and fall.

Amaya: Yeah, I know that.


Avery while trying to convice his grandmom to leave him and his cousin (also 9) home alone while she ran an errand:

Avery: I think you should just let us stay here because Jaylen and I combined are at least as smart as a 14 year old.


While Amaya was having a melt down at Grandma's house:

Avery: (shaking his head) I knew she wasn't ready for this trip.


Wendy said...

Your kids are funny..but unless they are going to be comedians funny won't make me any money. Just concentrate on getting them in shape, keeping them clean and good looking.

Got it?

-Auntie Agent

T5M said...

I love it when you speak forcefully to me.

Grandma said...

Avery's got the right idea, when all else fails, use men logic!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

hope you don't have too much de-programming to do. it was nice seeing you guys for a little bit over the weekend. looking forward to coming up soon!