Monday, August 25, 2008

Eyes on the Brown Legs

One of the advantages of being a multi-racial family in a homogeneous rural area is that your family members are relatively easy to pick out in a crowd.
Tonight was Avery's first football practice. See if you can pick him out of the crowd. Go ahead, it's fun.

If you selected the third from the left, you're smoking crack. Those are purple socks. If you picked the player farthest to the right, you did it! It's really quite easy, even for an amateur, like yourself.
The trick is to follow the little brown legs.

The other trick is not to freak out, drop my camera, run onto the field, and drop kick the big pink legs who are crushing my son.

There goes purple legs. Um, somebody didn't get the memo. Hey Purple Legs, there's no need to wear the socks to practice, unless of course you just like purple, it's probably your favorite color. In fact, I bet all of your socks are purple. You probably moved to this town because the school colors are puple and white. I don't like you right now Mr. Purple Socks. And by the way, leave my boy alone. Yeah, you, Purple Legs. Get off my boy.
I probably shouldn't heckle Avery's teammates.
I also shouldn't do things like this. (Wave to Avery while he's on the field). That's not a cool mom thing to do. Then it forces him to wave back, and I believe that waving to your mom from the football field is probably uncool, unless your a professional athlete, then it's endearing.

Fortunately Dirt is the great equalizer. For my every bad mom move, Dirt counterbalances me. I don't even know if counterbalance is the right word, but I'm just going to go with it for now because I'm tired and this blog post is the only thing between me and my bed right now.


K-Sea said...

Go Avery! I can't wait for the games.

MaineMom said...

Please tell Purple Socks and Pink Legs that if they hurt my nephew I'm going to hurt them.

Love the picture of Avery looking up at his father!

T5M said...

Um, Wendy, I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, but we prefer the term "baby daddy".

MaineMom said...

Sorry, still getting used to the "lingo."

You were up at 4am?

Grandma said...

Avery told me today that it is embarrassing to have Grandmom's cheer on the sidelines. So no cheering from me. Do you think if I disguised myself as a cheerleader, he'd know?