Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Nut Cracker?

Yesterday our neighbor (St. Rick) came by to do the brickwork around our fireplace. We love Rick. Rick has done a lot of work to this house including laying wood floors, installing a new roof, sanding popcorn off of our ceilings, building closets, sealing up closets, painting, painting, painting, laying get the picture, he's "the man".

As Rick is laying bricks and rolling mortar around...
Seth: It's nice that you have a skill and a trade that doesn't require you to sell your soul
Rick: What do you mean by selling your soul?
Seth: Well I do woman's work all day long, pushing papers around
Rick: Well, it wasn't actually my first choice. I gave up on my dream too.
Seth: What was that?
Rick: To be a classical ballet dancer.
Seth: [speechless]


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

thanks so much for everything!! it was great being able to spend the weekend hanging out with you. looking forward to next year's trip :-)

Trish said...

seth was NOT speechless. it's impossible. i don't believe you.

Grandma said...

Rick has the look of a classical dancer but the hands of a magician when it comes to doing anything in the home.

K-Sea said...

Do I do "Woman's" work?