Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Full Court Press

How do you capture a weekend overflowing with good times in four measly shots?

Seth, Nancy and Winchester came up from PA on Friday. Since the weather was so fantastic, we decided to take a ride up the coast to Kennebunkport on Saturday.

Amelle and Avery in front of the Bush summer home in Kennebunkport. I love the expression on both of their faces. So naturally them. And the glasses on Amelle put me over the edge, they are so her!

I apologize for tilt, if my home computer were up and running I would've been able to fix that. (and I suppose if I get down to the root cause of the problem, maybe if I weren't drunk I would've taken the photograph straight to begin with).

I know, I wasn't drunk.

But maybe I was. Or maybe I was high on crack, yeah. Or maybe I was just high on life. Or maybe I wasn't high on anything, but I was holding my camera crooked.

On Sunday we went to Portsmouth for lunch after church and then walked down to Strawberry Bank so that Nancy and I could play around with her macro lens.

Seth is a great instigator. He basically teased all three of my children all weekend long. At various points in the trip, all three of my kids were in this position. Avery's head & body hovered over a fly-ridden public trash can - this one, you can see she was headed over the ocean...

My camera partner! Nancy, Amelle, and I headed out to Fort Foster and Fort McClary on Sunday evening to mess around with our cameras.

...and on Monday we bid Seth, Nancy, and Winchester farewell. But not without putting the full court press on them to relocate to Maine!


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

great shots! for some reason mine don't look as vibrant...i think i might have had it on a funky setting or something.
thanks again for having us (and our slobbery dog that destroyed the kid's balls!).
ps-you have the wrong link...there's an "and" between our names :-)

T5M said...

What a crazy contrast in pictures?!? It looks like we were there on two different days!

Did you compare our settings? I'd be very interested in learning which setting produced which effect.