Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Sweet Maine

I know it's obvious that I love living in Maine. But here are some reasons why:

Nearby lighthouses outnumber traffic lights in my town.
Big skies and little houses.

Pea Pods strung together acting like they don't care about anything in the world.
Sea grass that submits to the breeze.

Millions of stars dancing on the ocean.
The thick blue line that blends the sea and the sky.

Oceanside vandalism

Wooden docks that lead no where


Grandma said...

That camera is paying off! I love these pictures. Maybe you can make me up one to put on my "art" wall. The boats that are strung together are especially stricking!

TheKeyRing said...

I want to move to Maine!!!

MaineMom said...

Great pictures!

T5M said...

Yay! These were all taken last weekend and none of them were messed with, or even cropped. (because my husband is mean and won't buy me a new computer)

K-Sea said...

Best Post ever