Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'd Rather Be....

Last night I was forced to get my hair touched up (I can't wear a baseball cap to work and my roots were 2 inches long). I absolutely hate going to get my hair done.

Here are 10 not-so-obvious places I'd rather be than in the hair salon getting a touch-up:

1) The dentist
2) Work
3) Getting blood drawn
4) Doctor's appointment (for self or family member)
5) Caught outside in a sudden downpour (sans lightening)
6) On an airplane for 2 hours
7) Changing a poopy diaper
8) Reading with a first grader (though it's close)
9) Grocery shopping
10) Watching extra innings at 9 yo baseball games


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

just saw your twitter about jeff...funny how different men and women think :-)
how'd your hair turn out?

mainelife said...

To me, the dentist is the 9th ring of hell....I dread, I despise the dentist.
I never minded getting my hair done until I moved to Maine, but I've never ever gotten a good haircut in this state, so now I rather dread it too.

TheKeyRing said...

What is wrong with you? I LOVE going to get my hair done -- the peace and somewhat quiet, the head massage, the blow dry, the smell of my hair after they use all that expensive product on it. Think I need to make an appointment.