Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Land of Oz

I have a philosophy that all kids are at least a little bit strange. That philosophy may not be true, but it makes me feel better about my own strange brood.

Take this one. She is the boss of the family. I keep scratching my head trying to figure out how the littlest one wields the most power. She demands that I take pictures of her making funny faces and then makes me show them to her immediately after. I am an obedient mother. I need to somehow reverse this.

Then there's this one. She thinks she's the boss, but she's really more of a busybody. She thinks she's next in charge of things if something were to happen to me. She pays attention to everything. And she's in everything. She's also a racist, but I'm working with her on that. Avery told her that it was illegal for her to be a racist and I didn't correct him. She's all about rules, so hopefully that'll scare her straight.

Then the oldest one, he asserts the least power in the family. I'm not sure why, because he could outsmart the other two because he's the oldest, but he doesn't work it. Maybe that's the man in him. Or maybe it's because he's too busy scheming ways to annoy them. He's good at that. He hasn't had a hair cut since May. He's not into personal hygiene. Notice the shirt. It's true.

When you put them all together... pretty much get total dysfunction. Notice: Amaya getting pushed in the toy stroller with "Beckett" (the doll baby). Amelle is pushing her (the mother) and Avery is annoying Amelle by poking her butt with a stick.
These are my kids.
This is my little slice of sanity.


MaineMom said...

Beautiful children...beautiful pictures...

Audra said...

i was ok about avery's hair til this picture - it needs cuttin

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

you mean a little slice of your insanity? ;-)
funny how their personalities are so different.
the pictures are great!

Grandma said...

Where did this clan come from? They are all so funny in their own way.

K-Sea said...

Avery looks like Lando Calrissian