Saturday, August 23, 2008

The White Mountains - 2008 Edition

The plan was to do the White Mountain thing on Saturday. For Shaun and I, the White Mountains have our dad (TC) written all over them (and for our spouses, the White Mountains have repetitive childhood stories written all over them). But they're both so gracious about it, As we passed a familiar spot this morning Dirt said, "I remember going here as a child too" ...and for a second, I fell into a stupor about exactly when he and I met...were we nine...I mean it does feel like I've known him all my life...

Dirt! He was tricking me. That's the problem with marrying an only child - they like to trick you all the time.
So from L to R: Joelle, Grandma holding Maya, Will holding Elly, Mina, Shaun, Amelle, Avery, Dirt. (I'm the one behind the camera, I'm just can't see me - kinda like bad breath)
Anyway, here's the gang this morning before the day long adventure. Notice how fresh and clean everyone is. No dirty knees, no sweaty hair. That all changes...

Here are the kids "holding up the boulders" at Lost River. Joelle is very convincing.
After our picnic lunch we split up: The 8 oldest (minus me) went on an "Alpine Adventure" ride in some kind of mountain vehicle. Maya wasn't old enough for the Alpine Adventure, so she and I went to Clark's Trading Post where we rode on the train into "wolfman territory".
The wolfman is an interesting character. I'm not sure what's wolfy about him except for the furry tarzan-esque tapestry he wears. Other than that, he's all biker: long white beard and tattoos up his arm. Maya thought he was a pirate and she didn't buy the story I was trying to sell her about him being "silly". She said, "He's not silly, he's mean".

After the pirate train ride we saw the bear show and then hung out at the playground. She insisted upon having her picture taken with the big bears... We had a great time together, I realized that I don't often spend a lot of one on one time just hanging out with Maya, so it was really nice.

Then there was this little gem. The watering hole. This was a fantastic spot and a great way to end the day. The water was cool, refreshing, and crystal clear.
It was such a great day and I was glad to have my mom along with us. The only thing that would've made it even better was if my dad had been along. [sigh]
Oh, and the new header ...that was taken today (through my windsheild as we were driving).


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

looks like a fun day! the header is amazing by the way...what an incredible view!

MaineMom said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!

K-Sea said...

It was a great day that would have made TC proud. I did miss the wonderful Wendy and Beckett :-(

T5M said...

So did I...

Grandma said...

Perfect day except for the missing two!