Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You Name It

In addition to receiving my balmy husband back, I also received this fantastic photograph in my inbox, depicting a little slice of what took place on Dirt's recent 4-day man weekend in SC (I always thought weekends were 2 days, but that's another matter entirely).

This picture is wrong on so many levels, and I love it. I have actually lost track of the many ways in which I have thought to make fun of them.

So, in an effort to round up some class participation here, let's all put our thinking caps on and come up with some clever captions for this photo of Dirt and his two life partners.

Me first: There's a fish for every body. Get it? I didn't say everybody, I said every body! Ha ha!

Okay, your turn. Forget what your mom said about making fun of others. Dirt is the only one of the three who reads this blog and he's so used to it (the other two are sadly illiterate gangstas). Go hog wild, you know you want to!


Okay, 3 tries. That's not good participation. Maybe you guys aren't seeing the material here that I am. How about, "Is that a walrus tusk hanging out of Dirt's mouth? Might want to see a dentist about that". Or, "The fish on Dirt's hat is larger than the one in his hands!". Or, "When did fishing become a gay sport?". What about: "You can judge a man by the size of his hands and his fish" - oh, that's not right. Here's another one: "Always remember to take the doobie out of your mouth before the picture" (it's not really a doobie, but it looks like one, doesn't it?). Or, "Boy, those fish must be heavy, they require two hands!" ..okay, my quips are admittedly getting weaker...

I didn't want to have to go here (well, maybe I did a little bit). Here's some fresh material. If you can't come up with something to say about this picture, then I give up on you:

Same group of hoodlums, circa 1993.

One more game: Can you guess which one grows up to be a social worker, which one grows up to be a high school math teacher and which one grows up to be a dirt monger?


The Gawel's said...

Fish: Help I can't breath, tell that man I'm allergic to smoke!

You know I had to do one about that nasty habit!!!!

DanThoms said...

You shouldn't make fun of them. I think that they color coordinated their shirts very nicely for their man trip.

TheKeyRing said...

I think it is interesting that in the picture of three men there are always just two of anything -- two hats and a no hat, two grey shirts and a blue shirt, two left wrist watches and a right wrist, to fish in one direction one in another, two non-smokers and a smoker...funny how they can be so coordinated and uncoordinated at the same time -- oh the plague of men, in general.

Anonymous said...

I'd first just like to say to Erin, if you could see the pictures we have at home of the three of them you'd have blogs for weeks, from the prison posses to the years they all thought the were new edition and wore the long leather trench coats it was amazing to be such a kid kid and grow up around all of that. I thought my brother and his friends were the coolest people on earth, but now in the present day I have no idea what made that look so cool.

and to thekeyring....there are actually two smokers in the picture I'm sure my brother Chris just ran out of a pack and Jermaine refused to "bum" him one.

MaineMom said...

Is that the Jackson 3?

T5M said...

The Jackson 3? I can't tell because Chris looks like he's in the witness protection program.

C.Moore said...

Too Funny!!! How about this one..."Let's show our wives that we actually did do some fishing down here..." (Because my wife didn't believe me).

See Erin, I do come and visit the blog. Keep up the great work. Hey Tia, we are still the coolest people on earth (If only that leather trench coat could fit me now).

Jeff B said...

I'm surprised nobody had anything to say about the huge vein in the middle of my forehead. It seems I'm a little too excited about holding a fish I didn't catch and wasn't going to eat.

As for the old pic. I guess both Jermaine and myself have broken the rule about drinking and smoking in pictures. Don't let Chris fool you though. He's done far worse off camera (CRACK!!), but I wont put him out there cause he's my boy and I love 'em like a brother.

And yes ,Tia. We are and forever will be THE "coolest people on the planet". Your words, not mine.