Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was just catching up on blogs that I like to lurk (like reverb) and I see that I missed an opportunity to post on the concept of "SEVEN" yesterday. In the spirit of participation (rather than obedience), I'm going to post today. The instructions are:

Post your own blog today having something to do with the SEVENs theme and input your information into the Mister Linky's box below...c'mon. It'll be fun.


Seven is the number of grandchildren my mother has:


2 & 3.
4. 5. 6.7.

(Two is the number of kids she has. ...But that's a topic for another blog post...probably one on fertility or family planning)


K-Sea said...

I dont get what I am supposed to do

MaineMom said...

I think you are suppose to say what you have seven of...


Maybe we should have another kid so we can be the Casey 7?

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

LOVE that last picture of beckett! so cute

T5M said...

Wendy took that last picture. She totally photoshopped the whole thing, that kid is actually a monster.

Ha ha!

Yeah, the Casey 7 - including Jack (your black child)

Grandma said...

Hey, you took the words right out of my "seven" the first thing that comes to my mind are my seven wonderful grandchildren. I am sooo blessed!