Thursday, September 25, 2008

Something Outta Nothing

Have you ever tried to make something out of nothing?
Maybe you have, maybe you haven't.
But, that's what this post is.
A pitiful picture of me trying to make something out of nothing.

"Desaturation" can't make our trip to the pumpkin farm on Saturday interesting. (though I do enjoy a little desaturation from time to time, don't you?)

Nor can "saturation" (there's a little voice in my head right now urging me to remove this picture, but you know what, I'm not listening to it.)

It is what it is. Pumpkin picking. Nothing interesting, humorous, or eventful in any way occurred during this adventure. (the voice is now telling me to scrap this whole post.)

And I have nothing witty, provocative, or the least bit interesting to say about any of the pictures I took that day. And if I'm honest, the only reason I'm really posting tonight is because I feel the need to get beyond my last post, which admittedly, was not written in my finest hour. I mean, poop talk, really. That's bad. Even for me. (the voice is telling me to hold back, I'm being too candid...don't tell them all your secrets!)

But if you got nothin' to say, you got nothin' to say. And I got nothin' to say. Except for that I'm sorry that I've wasted 45 seconds of your time with this nonsense. (and the voice is also sorry for leading you to believe that I might be schizophrenic, cause I'm not. Well, probably not.)


Mr.Wall said...

cool blog

Audra said...

I love your post and pictures Erin! I took your tractor and did this to it:
i am pretty sure I broke a copyright with that :)

MaineMom said...

Bring on the poop talk!!

T5M said...

oooohhhh Audra I LOVE IT! Thank you! That picture makes me feel like a real photographer!


I miss Photoshop. Was that some dodge and burn action?

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

it's not nothing! you got some nice pictures :-)