Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sprite Part II

The sun had just kissed the tip of Cadillac Mountain on Saturday morning when the kids began asking for their beloved Sprite again. "Can we have it today, Mom?" they smiled hopefully.

Okay, it wasn't actually that early, but it was before breakfast.

"You haven't even eaten breakfast yet", I stalled. Then I remembered the excellent suggestions I had read in the blog comments earlier this week, "How about drinking Sprite with veggies?" Avery frowned. "You can have Sprite and broccoli", I cheerfully suggested. Avery looked like he was about to cry.

"Yeah!" Amelle enthusiastically replied, "I love broccoli, I'll eat it every day!".

The problem became clear. What was suppose to be an occasional treat for eating vegetables would turn into torment for Avery and an every day demand for broccoli from Amelle. Amelle would gladly eat broccoli for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if she could wash it down with Sprite. And Avery could never do it, the last time he tried to eat broccoli, it came right back up.

Defeated, I sighed, "Okay". The kids ran to the garage to fetch their 8 ounces of heaven.

I had to laugh yesterday afternoon when I spotted both cans in the refrigerator, one specially wrapped in a paper towel. Oh how they covet Sprite! I didn't have the heart to tell them that the Sprite was going to be flat and disgusting when they went to drink it (unless that paper towel trick somehow controls the loss of carbonation).

Then there was this act of joy, Amelle toasting Dirt's coffee with her Sprite!

(the size of Dirt's coffee is a topic for another day).


MaineMom said...

I wouldn't try broccoli with Avery...he had a bad experience with it. But you could try some other things...will he eat chicken that isn't breaded or fried? How about fish? What about getting him a kid's cookbook and letting him select and help cook his own dinner?

BostonWriter said...

We've completely lucked out and, for some bizarre reason, our kids have decided that they don't like soda. (Or french fries... which makes my wife and I wonder if there was a mix-up at the hospital... but I digress.) On the downside, prying away the ever-present bag of chocolate morsels or corn chips is a constant battle. :)

Grandma said...

I agree with Mainemom (although not too often) Try something different that he has not had a bad experience.

Give him a full meal of protein, starch and veggies. Of course nothing fried. Add some healthy seasoning and a Sprite. Maybe he will go for it.

T5M said...

Mainemom and grandma: YOU try it! Believe me, I have tried.

..We did have a minor breakthrough yesterday when he said he wanted some of Amelle's Talapia.

Both kids love to help cook things that they have no intention of eating. For them, helping in the preparation bears no coorelation to them eating it.

My latest trick (actually a recycled one) is allowing desert if they eat dinner (at least try the veg).

The problem is probably in the mirror - Dirt and I are awful. I eat a boca chik'n patty for dinner and Dirt eats a bowl of Captn Crunch at 11pm.

What ever happened to the family dinner? Oh

MaineMom said...

Well, you said it all. If they see Dad eating Capt'n Crunch and ice cream for dinner, what's the motivation for them to eat vegetables?

You have to make time for a family meal (believe me, I know it's tough) - but at least once a week. Start a tradition like a Sunday dinner.

barbarakuhn said...

So... Sprite, I recently kicked my 36+ year addiction and lost over 20 lbs.! I've been clean for over 9 months but it's "One Day At a Time".

MaineMom said...

I just re-read your comment - If Jermaine's eating ice cream/CC at 11pm the kids aren't seeing that.

I would just continue to use the Sprite/dessert as their motivation to eat veggies/fruits with every meal.