Wednesday, October 01, 2008

An Apple a Day

I know this post isn't going to hold very much credence with the people who know me, I'm not fooling anyone, I'm no TV expert.

In fact, truth be told, I probably have the same television proficiency as a 5 year old (except that I understand the importance of not leaving fingerprints on the DVDs). I can get to Amaya's tivo'd shows, but don't ask me to surf channels.

While we're on the topic of channels, I just have one question, why so many? Can't we see it all in 20, or even 50? I think our television has like 300 channels, I mean, I have no idea where to find The Disney Channel...I know it's in the 200s - but that only narrows it down to 100 choices. That's still way too many. I wanna go back to channels 4, 6, 10 and PBS. Can we go back? Please?

Anyway, I digress. This post isn't about me, it's about a glorious new invention. It's called Apple TV and it's wonderful.

I don't know very much about all the functionalities of apple tv, but I do know that we can order movies through it and we can go online and look at other people's flickr pictures, which is all very grand.

However, the thing I cherish most about apple tv is the screen saver. The screen saver rocks because it randomly shows all of my pictures.

Yes, all of them. ...All 12,577 of them.

It's so random, I love it. The problem is that it has turned me into a tv-watcher of sorts. At night, I go up to my bedroom with my book or my computer and I put on the magical apple tv and pretty soon I am mesmerized by slow moving photographs. (Dirt can even maneuver the apple tv to play his ipod music while the pictures float across the screen, but I'm happy enough with the silent version)

I get to see pictures of things that I ordinarily wouldn't think about; happy memories, good times, old faces, young faces, people that I haven't thought about in years, people who I miss very much. of me and my brother in the bathtub together. Yowzers! Embarrassing! ..Hey look, there's Jack the dog eating his birthday cake, Hi Jack! (diversion attempt). And yes, I used to scan pictures of my hand stamped cards. I hate myself for it now. Don't judge me.

...Awww...Jeff holding Amaya, Will looking especially dapper, Sylvia walking on the beach, an old childhood portrait of my dad and his sister, my three kids on the first day of school, Dirt & Amelle many good things coming together at once...

I heart apple tv.

I urge you to go out and buy one now ...before the economic crisis is in full swing.


The Gawel's said...

Our tivo broke and they sent us another one(we have the lifetime plan)now it does not work, so maybe I will look into that. Thanks for the info!

We miss you guys.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

seeing the card made me a little nostalgic! i miss those friday nights in ardsley!

Grandma said...

I love my Apple, too! Thanks to Shaun for turning me on to it. The man with too many gadgets finally found one that is user friendly!