Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Heavenly Matters

Finding creative writing samples nestled in the kid's schoolwork is something that I live for. It's like a window into their thoughts, and it's truly one of my favorite things in the world. I love it. (hmmm...I wonder if that's why my mom reads this blog?). Anyway, this one came in last week from Amelle.

What would you like to say to Jesus or ask Him when you see Him in heaven?

I wish in heaven I want to see ice cream and want to see the same thing at home and it’s cool to see you and its cool to see the Bible. Also it’s cool to see you in Heaven. Also I wonder if you could answer this question, “Who’s Mary’s mom?” I don’t know this. I would like you to tell me who.

Precious. I love the way her mind first goes to ice cream. Let's just get that out of the way first, when I get to Heaven, there had better be some serious ice cream eating going on. I mean, I've been "building up my treasure" for a long time. Forget the crowns, just load on another scoop of cookie dough ice cream and we'll call it good. Hey, and while we're on the topic of ice cream, you're reading this, can you hook a sistah up at home every now and then?

Then she tells Jesus how "cool" it is to see him there. (I kind of agree).

Then she goes in for the kill, so to speak. Let's cut through the chase J-Dog, I mean J-GOD. Who was your grandmomma? I mean, the bible is silent on Mary's mom, what up with that? I need to give some dap to the lady who gave birth to the lady who gave birth to God.


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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

too funny! she looks so grown up with the pearls :-)