Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Dirt broke down and bought me a computer today, nothing fancy, just something that I can mess around with my pictures on. I guess he was tired of hearing me cry. Okay, I didn't actually cry, it was more like loud sighs and whining for three months. But let's not dwell on that, the important thing here is that I've had a reunion with Picasa and with my 13,000 images.

We spent several quality hours together importing photographs onto the new system. I mean, nothing like getting her bogged down right away.

During the process of importing pictures I came across some oldies but goodies that I feel compelled to share...enjoy!

I can't say too much about this one, after all, I did marry this man. However, you are free to think whatever you like. ...and if the song "I'm Too Sexy" start playing in your head, just go with it.

I love when Wendy acts like a circus poodle. Hello Bright Eyes! Ruff!

Look it's Braveheart. Oh, no, false alarm, it's just Dirt. He was going out to slay a basketball sized hornet's nest. The problem was that it was summer in Philly, which means that it was 92 degrees outside, and about 142 inside that face mask. Which might not have been a big deal except that it took Dirt two hours dressed in that garb to actually slay the nest. Let me rephrase that, "it took Dirt two hours to get the courage up to attempt to slay the nest", the actual slaying only took about 7 seconds (you have to move quickly when slaying hornet's nests). I love you Dirt, you are forever my hero.

I can't even say anything about this shot. I seriously love it so much it hurts.

It's probably not nice to take pleasure in other people's pain. You should really stop smiling now.

Scooby Doo - where are you??? I wish you were in this scene instead of a shrunken down version of my son. This is clearly the pinnacle of creativity for me. I'm not sure what made me think this was a good idea, but I did send out Avery's birthday invitations with this image smack dab, front and center on the card. A proud moment gone bad. Go now, and bask in my shame.

"Cheeeese". More like Cheesey. Let's start with the double red plaid ensemble. Next, let's talk about the that a mohawk? Now somebody please take Maya's pulse, cause it doesn't look like she's breathing.

No it wasn't staged. Yes, I took about 32 shots of this scene.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

awesome! i laughed at each one :-)
the hair with amelle...classic!
looking forward to seeing more new pictures now that you got picasa back!

Audra said...

erin! all of these pictures made me laugh out loud - maybe the best is shaun in all that flannel... but the part that did not make me laugh is about your card gone bad!!! its like a birthday version of last years Christmas card!

MaineMom said...

Ugh...Shaun's hair! This is why I begged him to grow it out. The double plaid is something I still see to this day. The man is a fashion czar.

As for that shot of me...crazy eyes!

And that shot of Will? Hello? He looks like a redneck kid!

Audra said...

i just came back to this post for a 2nd time today b/c I needed a laugh!

K-Sea said...

hmm I don't see anything wrong with my look-we live in Maine ya know. If we were in Philly I would have had on either a jogging suit or matching gray sweatpants and sweatshirt.