Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Musings

Moving to the country gives you a whole new perspective on things. I don't know if we're officially in "the country", but we only have one traffic light in town, there are no grocery stores, fast food restaurants, or pharmacies, and I once had to stop my vehicle on the way home from work to allow a man who was carrying a calf cross the street in front of me.

In the country (if that's what this is), it's easy to find yourself as the lone vehicle on the road. (Except if you're heading northbound on 95 on Friday evening or southbound on Sunday afternoon between Memorial day and Labor day).

I recently made an observation about my blinker usage when there are no other vehicles around. Here it is: I don't use it.

Please don't alert the local authorities, cause that's another thing about living in the country, the police aren't really all that busy, and if they were to find out that someone as lawless as me is roaming the streets of their town...well, I don't want to think about what might happen, but it could involve tear gas or a serious beat down with one of those nightstick things. (Why is that thing called a "nightstick" anyway? Seriously, anyone know?)

So...when there are no other cars around, do you use your blinker before you make a turn?

Does your answer change depending on whether it's a right or left turn?

If a tree falls in the woods when no one is around, does it still make a sound?

What does E equal?

Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Go. Discuss.


K-Sea said...

I always use my blinker and we have 3 stoplights in town.

T5M said...

I actually thought of a 2nd one on my way to work this morning, but where's the 3rd?

Oh...muddy river, maybe? That's definitely on the SB line, no?

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i always use mine...out of habit, like putting on my seatbelt.
i'll have to ask my dad about the nightstick, he might know.
Energy(E) = mass (M) x speed of light (c) i had to look it up on wikipedia :-)

MaineMom said...

Yes, I believe we have 3 does that make us a "city" now? I think I use my blinker out of habit, but I can't say 100% of the time. I can't stand when someone is in front of me and slows down and then....turns. It's like, "Hello? Can you give me a heads up as to what you are doing? Because I need to know, I need to plan."

I think most cops use expandable batons now. Not sure why they are called "nightsticks." I tried to look it up but found nothing.

Grandma said...

Your father would not be proud of you if he could read this blog. No blinker usage was a NO,NO, on his list.

Audra said...

i only use the blinker when matt is in the car b/c he is a wicked baseseat driver!!!

hahah I am glad to be home and back to reading erin's blog!

T5M said...

I have been paying attention to my blinker usage over the last few days and realize that the only time I ever use a blinker for a R hand turn is when there is a car behind me or in a 4 way stop situation. I'm better with L hand turns.

Lo said...

uhm. yeah. so i live in a far north suburb that is almost wisconsin but not-quite and i'm techinically, still, in illinois. we have more than one stop light. i am SO. GUILTY. of this.

i rarely use mine. i only use it if there's a car behind me. bc if there's no car behind me... then.... and no car in front of me...(in the opposite direction, as in, making a left-hand turn and i'm going right-handed turn)... does the tree make a sound? i say no.

bc my blinker? sucks. it's loud. i hate it.

and uhm. stop signs. in. uhm. parking lots. i have been known to cruise thru them.

okay i'm horrible black list me!! yikes. maybe i need driving school. sigh.