Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phun with Photo Booth

A few months ago Avery, Amelle and I were messing around with Dirt's Macbook when we stumbled across "Photo Booth"

Photo Booth is all kinds of crazy fun cause you can take low resolution pictures of yourself staring at your laptop.

This weird effect reminds me of those oily skin commercials. "Under our special scientific derm-o-meter, you can easily spot the problem areas, indicated in royal blue. The green areas represent ultra dry skin. If you look at this image and see two red ovals surrounded by green light, contact your doctor immediately".

I didn't know these pictures were being saved. We were just clicking away, having a grand old time.

But when I did the ginormous photo import onto the new system, they magically appeared. I was all like, "Hello photos, I didn't realize that you had saved yourselves" ...and they were all like, "Yeah, that's cause you don't know jack about Macbooks" And I was all like "yeah, so".

I think the Macbook took this shot personally.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

awesome!! that's the best!
it's almost like finding an old roll of film and getting it developed, not knowing what's on it :-)

MaineMom said...

I think you guys look great as pigs! Macs are da bomb!