Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm sending the darn book proposal that I've been sitting on for months to Down East tomorrow. I've been procrastinating big time. I wonder if there is some underlying "fear of rejection" that is behind the months of procrastination? It's funny, because last week I sent off the entire 26,000 word manuscript to Islandport Press without flinching. (Never mind that the entire manuscript is not fit for the eyes of a publisher.) For some reason, I think Down East is different.

When I sent them the query (about a year ago), I checked the mailbox every day for six weeks ..yes, even the day after I sent it, in case they randomly decided to reach out to me before even receiving my query). I'm a such a boob. Six weeks later I got the whole thing back with a nice note telling me that they'd like to see a proposal (which is a whole lotta work). I then procrastinated for six months, wrote the proposal over the summer, then re-wrote the whole first chapter, then procrastinated another four months. I'm finally sending the stupid thing off tomorrow. Good riddens.
In the meantime I also wrote a picture book which I have e-mailed off to two very small publishers. I love small publishers who accept e-mail submittal (though few and far between). Both sent me lovely rejection letters:

Hi Erin, I like your story, but we do not publish rhymed stories and this one might be a little too young for our intended audience. However, it is sweet and reads really nicely. You might want to try some of the bigger houses and try to place it.

I received this one today:

Thanks for sending your manuscript. It is a wonderful concept – I love the Moose/Banana language theme. Cute. Unfortunately we are not starting any more new projects this year – there are a few big ones in the works now. I will keep your manuscript on file though. Thanks and Good Luck,

It's almost like when you are in high school and the boy you like "just wants to be friends". He's all like, "You are really great and smart and pretty, but I really need to concentrate on studying for my SATs right now, I can't be distracted by dating someone, sorry".

That's exactly how publishers do you. They tell you how much they like your concept and then give you a reason why they can't pick up your work.

Anywho. If you're wondering what the heck moose/banana means, the book is called, "That's not a Moose, it's a Banana!". Here's a glimpse:

What happens when a 5 year old boy gets a new 2 year old sister from Africa? Lots of silly fun! Especially when she asks for a banana by calling it a "Moose"! Giggle along as he tries to teach his new sister to say BA-NA-NA!

In Amharic, a "banana" is pronounced, "moose". So you can imagine the fun a 5 year old boy has when his newly adopted sister sees a banana and calls it "moose". (Amharic is the predominant language spoken in Ethiopia)

So...that's really it. Ending this blog is oddly almost as awkward as ending the "let's just be friends" convo. I've re-written the last few sentences of this blog with no fewer than four different endings. I'm just going to go with this. Um..bye.


K-Sea said...

No matter what happens you wrote a book! I can't write a blog . I am proud of you and I look forward to my comp'd copy one you go big time.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i'm glad to hear that you're following through with your dream. the whole "let's just be friends" thing must be annoying! they do the same thing with scientific papers if it makes you feel any better!

Grandma said...

Those publishers don't know anything!

MaineMom said...

You're cute. I love you.