Monday, October 06, 2008

Striper Fest 2008

Not exactly how you'd anticipate a "good Christian family" spending a Sunday afternoon.

Not that we're the picture of a "good Christian family". I mean, we're alright. And for the record, we DID go to church before we brought the kids to the beer fest. I mean Striper Fest, it was a Striper Fest...

It just so happened to be held at Harpoon Brewery in Boston.

Did you know that Harpoon Brewery also brews Root Beer? Yeah, they do.

And Cream Soda....which looks exactly like regular beer, doesn't it?

...and let's face it, there is nothing wrong with watching keg bowling.... except that after 3 minutes you're completely bored and ready to move on.
The problem with the Striper Fest is that once you get rootbeer for the kids and watch 3 minutes of keg bowling, you're done. Show over. There is absolutely nothing more to do.

Dare I say that Striper Fest is absolutely the lamest venue Boston has ever seen.

Which is why we were glad to be in walking distance of the Boston boat show.

It's not every day that we get to tour million dollar yachts, so this and this alone redeemed our day.
...and Bertuccis in Peabody on the way home. Those rolls, that oil....yum.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

looks like amaya's making herself right at home on the yacht (no shoes :-)

T5M said...

...we all had to take our shoes off in order to go aboard...

Fancy schmancy, huh?

...We asked the kids if they wanted us to sell our house and move onto one and we all agreed that we'd rather stay put and leave the yachts for people who can afford them. :-)

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i noticed dirt's "appendage" in the first XL DD cup :-)

MaineMom said...

Next year, you guys could check out Stripper Fest. I hear that's quite a show!

Grandma said...

Only if you are going to strip, Mainemon.

MaineMom said...

Grandma, if I do make an appearance at Stripper Fest 2009, can I use your stage name?

Anita Ding Dong?

K-Sea said...

I was going to make a comment about stripper fest but my wifey beat me to it.

MaineMom said...

Well Mr K-sea, great minds think alike!