Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank You

Through your comments we were able to raise $140 for Worldvision through Blog Action Day!

Special thanks to KSeas for doubling the donation amount from $2 to $4. We'll be sending off our donation to Worldvision tonight.

These dollars can be used to fulfill so many different needs throughout the world. Here are just some examples:

2 Goats @$75/ea: The early-morning bleating of a dairy goat is a happy sound for children in countries like Haiti and Kenya — they know it’s ready to be milked. A goat nourishes a family with protein-rich milk, cheese, and yogurt, and can offer a much-needed income boost by providing offspring and extra dairy products for sale at the market. It even provides fertilizer that can dramatically increase crop yields!

12 Chickens @ $25 for two: Two chickens will provide a family with a lasting source of nutrition and income. Fresh eggs raise the levels of protein and other nutrients in a family’s diet, and the sale of extra eggs provides money for other household needs.

56 Ducks @ $30 for five: Give five ducks to a hungry family today and they’ll benefit from hundreds of large, protein-rich eggs throughout the year. Extra eggs and hatched ducklings can be sold to buy medicine or help pay for children’s school tuition.

$750 worth of food @ $50 for $250 worth of food: Children and families in countries like Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Zambia suffer debilitating hunger when the price of food rises and crops are destroyed by poor rainfall, locust invasions, and other natural disasters. Your gift will be multiplied five times in value by government grants to provide $250 worth of emergency food and other aid for those suffering the most.

Last year we were introduced to this gift-giving concept by Avery's teacher. At Parent/Teacher night she told all the parents that after 30 years of teaching, there was nothing more that she needed. She asked that if the children wanted to give her a Christmas gift, they could draw her a picture for her scrapbook and if they wanted to do something more, they could order out of a Samaritan's Purse gift catalog. Avery had a great time going through the catalog and deciding what to order in honor of her and some others on our list. Each person that we ordered in honor of received a card acknowledging that a gift had been made on their behalf. Everyone seemed touched by the gift.

This year I plan to expand that and do more. It's funny that we literally have to wrack our brains thinking of things to buy people for Christmas because they seem to have "everything". How many times have you heard, "What do you get the person who has everything?" The perfect answer is to give them the satisfaction of helping someone who has nothing. It's a great feeling, knowing that a family is going to have milk or eggs or medication just because you exist.

If you're interested in this concept, you can order a gift catalog for Worldvision here, or Samaritan's Purse here.

Lots of people on my Christmas list will be receiving these gifts as well!


MaineMom said...

Uh, Erin. I'd really like a new coach bag.

Just kidding! LOVE the idea. I'm sick of toys and how much "crap" kids have these days. Meanwhile, kids in other lands are literally starving to death.

T5M said...'s a perfect teacher gift! ..teachers have always been the most difficult for me to buy for. 1) cause I don't want to spend THAT much, and 2) cause I don't know them, and 3) cause there are so freakin' many of them! ..teachers, assistant teachers, teachers helpers, oiy! multiply that by 3 - that's a whole lotta Gap scarfs (did the scarf thing 2 years in a row).

This has totally solved my teacher-buying delimma forever!

Grandma said...

Looks like this has solved ALL of my Christmas list!

Amy in Ohio said...

Sorry to catch up so late! Thanks for your comment at my blog and WOW WOW WOW over the great work you did here!

I twittered your efforts as well. The more we spread the word about good deeds, the more good deeds get done. I have no doubt!

So proud to be in the blog world with you!